Read two new critical texts about my artistic practice

The texts of young critics were published as part of the Art platform project

The Art platform for supporting Ural contemporary art is a project that focuses on texts about the work of artists or their specific works. For several months of 2020, young critics met online with Zhenya Chaika, the project’s curator, and European tutors, discussing the works of the Ural artists and the writing process. The result is a series of texts that have been published in the project’s blog. The art critics Anna Legotina and Alisa Sycheva wrote about my artistic practice. The texts are in Russian, but the translation into English will appear in the near future.

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Landscapisms by Anastasia Bogomolova (text: Anna Legotina)

Paranoid’s sensual archive (text: Alisa Sycheva)

Read two new critical texts about my artistic practice. Anastasia Bogomolova | Artist