Assemblage project’s archive

Have a look at the project draft on “Shishim Hill” art residence web site

In April and May of 2020, I was in the “Shishim Hill” art residence. The work was built in the logic of the residence as a process. In this case, the process focused not so much on the study of surroundings or specific features of the area. My idea was to reconsider one of my projects, and by means of it, perhaps, my creative approach.

The residence took place during the pandemic, when events were prohibited, and it was not recommended to leave the residence. Due to this, all scheduled events were held on-line, versatile communication means were selected for each meeting. As a result, according to the plan, these meetings and conversations supported an important discussion about the aspects of the project itself or the features of its production.

One of the main “side effects” of this discussion among artists and curators from different cities of Russia was the urge to create not only an oral, but also a written presentation of the project. Therefore, Olga Bubich, Valentin Dyakonov and Ilmira Bolotyan made publications that contributed to the project’s archive, which was incomplete, and consisted of the artist’s verbal description and work-in-progress.

Have a look at the project’s archive on “Shishim Hill” art residence web site.

Assemblage project’s archive. Anastasia Bogomolova | Artist