Part I

The old objects question him: «What will the friendly old lamp think of you, during the lonely winter nights? What will the other objects think of you, the ones that were so kind, so fraternally kind to you? Was not their obscure fate closely united with your own? …Motionless, mute things never forget: melancholy and despised as they are, we confide in them that which is humblest and least suspected in the depths of ourselves».

Gaston Bachelard. «The Poetics of Space»

In 2018 I divorced my husband. For several months I continued to live in the house of my mother-in-law, preparing for moving to another city. I took pictures in this space, which had already become my own by that time, but soon should again turn into alien. The second part of the project became an act of farewell to the house, but also the experience of parting and at the same time the acceptance of one's own merging with the Other.