PERIODS | work in progress

«Here I am, pierced by the rays, marked with stamp of the sun and shadow. I live in reliable, dense thickets. My refuge is calling me. I pull my head in green leaves of its shoulders. In the forest, I get integrity. Everything is possible in my heart, as in the depths of the ravine».

«Fernand Lequenne, the botanist, writes that one day while walking with his wife, Matilda, he saw a warbler's nest in a black hawthorne bush: «Matilda knelt down and, holding out one finger, barely touched the soft moss, then withdrew her finger, only leaving it outstretched… Suddenly I began to tremble. I had just discovered the feminine significance of a nest set in the fork of two branches. The thicket took on such a human quality that I called out: Don't touch it, above all, don't touch it!“»

Gaston Bachelard. «The Poetics of Space»